and $70,000 in real estate or business projects in Northern Cyprus

Investments from a 30% income

About Northern Cyprus in numbers

8 facts about the island

Profit in currency
The profitability of the projects is carried out in USD/GBP
1 £ = 1.28$
Annual profitability
The income starts from 30% per year
Rental income from 8 to 15% per year + the value of the object is increasing
Rental income
in Forbes
According to Forbes magazine statistics, Northern Cyprus is among the top 5 best locations for investment
Top 5
Sunny days
Allows you to actively attract customers to the island to create active/ passive income
Real estate on the island
is 30-70% cheaper than real estate in other countries
The authorities do not request the source of the origin of capital
Residence permit in 21 day
Simplified way to obtain a residence permit

The main goal of Wenesis is the creation and management of assets in the field of real estate, constructions and business projects in Northern Cyprus.

Our brokers are the №1 investment experts on the island and the total amount of assets under our management as of February 2023 is $10.550.000.

Based on 7 years of experience and analyzing the market, brokers select projects by:

  • profitability
  • risk level
  • terms
  • liquidity investments and other management strategy criteria.

About Us

Areas of asset management:

Real estate

Apartments, villas, townhouses, lands and commercial real estate.

As well as renting out objects that belong to members of our company's ecosystem.

Business projects

One of the projects is the import of cars from England, Japan and selling at prices below the market or buying/renting a hotel with further management. As well as the registration of turnkey companies.


Construction of residential real estate or complexes for the purpose of resale or rental.

There are 2 ways to dive into the island market:


Online Tour

In one video call our broker will introduce you to the Cyprus market and tell you about projects through which you can increase your capital.

Investment tour at our expense

  • Dates that are convenient to you
  • Business Class car transfers
  • Accommodation in an apartment or a 5-star hotel of your choice
  • Inspection of profitable objects
  • Legal advice on registration of real estate transactions, account opening, money transfer, relocation, education, etc.
  • Excursions to the picturesque edges of Cyprus

*Individual program for you and your family (inspection of educational institutions, etc.)

Investment stages

We introduce you to the island market and select projects

We make up several strategies to identify the best combination
We coordinate projects to start registration
We fill in all documents, conclude a deal, sign an additional agreement on guaranteed profitability
We define your goals and expectations for profitability

Answer 6 short questions to find out how much you can earn

We sign an additional contract with you, in which we prescribe a guaranteed income of 30% per annum.
Double contract


Wenesis is primarily an investment company, we invest our capital in the most projects, as well as we give investors with small capital the opportunity to enter into the market with us.

Bank guarantee
If the profitability increases by less than 30% per year, during the sale of the object, we reimburse the difference in %.
Profitability is secured by a bank guarantee.
Guarantee of profitability

Advantages of working with us

4 facts about our work methods

Analytics and transparent transactions
Before the transaction, we show the statistics of all real estate objects for 5 years to show the transparency of profitable projects
Only objects checked by lawyers
Before investing we check all the documents to make sure of the project profitability
Unique projects
We put investments only in those projects in which we have already invested by  ourselves
Relocation support and care service
Our company has a care department, which includes managers who have lived in Cyprus for more than 3 years and that is why they help you in adapting to the island, as well as arranging children in kindergartens and schools.
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